The Wellbeing Science Framework

The Well-being Center Framework was crafted using multidisciplinary approaches with psychology as the main source and the main focus on positive psychology. Positive psychology aims to go beyond the traditional weakness-oriented approach and focuses on factors enabling flourishing and how human beings can do well. Well-being is more than the absence of ill-being in that sense. Well-being encompasses living well, doing well, functioning well, and feeling well. Well-being is conceptualized as optimal human functioning, it is a scientific construct which can be measured, increased, and developed. Other fields include sociology, health science, education science, and network science. Our center aims to educate people about well-being. We start with exploring and studying how wellbeing is interpreted and identifying the aspects of our life where well-being plays a role. Furthermore, we provide suggestions on how people can start their well-being journey.

There are multiple domains in life; in each you can optimize your experience and function well. Wellbeing Center sees “well-being” not as an abstract idea: well-being can be applied across various domains, including work-related wellbeing, social, emotional, and environmental wellbeing, and so on. The center encompasses all these different domains and gives a picture of life so that people can see that it is possible to optimize their experience in multiple/separate areas. We started from scratch; currently have 13 domains that involve personal capabilities/resources (inward approach), outer resources (socioecological approach), transactions between individuals and their surroundings, and optimal functioning in specific domains

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